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  • Improving Your Personal Internet Security
    In a change to my normal content, I wanted to write something to help people make their internet life a little more secure. It’s all too easy now for people with bad intentions to gain access to your online accounts. Once one account is compromised, this can lead attackers to other services and potentially steal … Read more
  • Interfacing to EPBCS with OIC
    Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service is effectively Hyperion Planning hosted in Oracle’s Cloud. The traditional way to load data and execute jobs is to use the epmautomate command line utility. However, in a Cloud environment, you may not have a suitable platform from which to run the command line, so you need to … Read more
  • Monitoring HCM Data Load jobs in OIC
    To start an HCM Data Load job from OIC you need to use the Oracle HCM Cloud Adaptor. This is a pretty sophisticated endpoint that exposes a lot of HCM-related functionality, including: