Website Hosting

Business Hosting

Often small businesses use a hosted email provider for their business email, and whilst the costs of such services are very reasonable, the purchase and hosting of a well-chosen domain name is also not expensive when done properly.

One of the main advantages of your own domain is that it gives a more professional web presence: which looks better? or We can advise on the selection of a suitable domain name for your business and can host your website on our high availability servers. Our hosting service brings your business peace of mind that your web presence won’t disappear because someone has dug through a cable in your road.

Personal Hosting

Many people use the email address that their ISP provides for them, which is great until the time comes that you want to change provider. Then you have the problem of telling everyone about your new email address. Often this is enough to put people off changing ISP.

Having your own domain makes your email independent of your ISP or any other mail provider, such as Gmail or Hotmail. Of course, you can create your own website using our SiteBuilder tools, or we can help you install a Content Management System (such as WordPress) if your needs are more complex.